Help Launch Successful Careers

Are you ready to equip your students with the skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of manufacturing? It’s time to take action and join the groundbreaking initiative of developing and aligning curriculum with SAMP companies.

Together, we can ensure that our Southern Arizona students graduate with the knowledge and abilities necessary for a successful career in manufacturing. With guidance from regional industry leaders and adherence to the accepted industry standards set by the National Institute of Metalworking, Inc. (NIMS), we can align our curriculum to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

Join us in this journey of empowering our students and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the manufacturing sector. Let’s work together to shape the future of education and industry, by aligning curriculums for real-world success. Take action now and be a part of this impactful initiative!

Reach out today to Kristen Bitgood at Your involvement today will pave the way for a stronger, more vibrant manufacturing industry in Southern Arizona tomorrow.

Southern Arizona Manufacturing Partners (SAMP) collaborates with educators and local manufacturers to prepare students for successful career paths — starting with paid internships.

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